The food value of Ward's Bread, c1922.
Promotional booklet with a cream colored cover with a pink border. Pictured at the bottom of the front cover is a sliced loaf of bread with a glass of milk, a bowl of fruit and a plate with a knife and butter. Stamped April 2, 1923. Good condition.
How to make good sandwiches with Ward's Bread, c1921.
Promotional booklet with gray cover.  Pictured below the title on the cover is a loaf of bread with the word "WARD"  carved in the side behind a plate of sandwiches.  Suggestions are given for making sandwiches from Mother Hubbard, Tip-Top, Wheatheart, Dainty-Maid and Peach-Time brands of Ward's Bread.  Includes housewife recipes for: ham sandwich, egg and olive sandwich, cheese sandwich, sandwich rolls, lettuce sandwich, open heart sandwich, Wheatheart and Tip-Top American sandwich, chicken sandwich, lobster sandwich, crab meat and fruit sandwich, club sandwich, stuffed olive sandwich toasted date, cheese and nut sandwich, ham and pickle sandwich, layer of ribbon sandwich, hearty lunch box sandwich, raisin sandwich, shrimp and walnut sandwich.   Good condition.

How to prepare different and delicious dishes with Ward's Bread, c1921.
Promotional booklet for Ward's Bread. Booklet has yellow a yellow cover with a dark blue border with a picture below the title of a bowl of bread pudding. Contains housewife recipes for making main dishes using Ward's Bread. Gives housewive recipes for Ward's Tip Top steamed pudding, bread-and-butter apple pudding, Tip-Top bread-and-butter meringue pudding, Ward sticks in rings, Ward's Dainty-Maid croustades, bread crumb muffins, nut croquettes, mock meat loaf, Tip-Top stuffing, scalloped noodles and apple sauce, steamed pudding, pulled bread, Ward's cream bread pudding, bread-crumb griddle cakes, Ward's mock macaroons, ham and macaroni loaf, eggs mornay, egg ministerelle, baked tomatoes and little chocolate cakes.  Stamped April 2, 1923. Good Condition.

How to serve Ward's Bread with fruit, c1922.
Orange covered booklet with a fruit basket and a loaf of bread with WARD carved into the side pictured on the cover. Suggested ideas given to the housewife for uses include: banana croquettes, apple canapés, sabayon sauce, apricot tarts, brown Betty, Banbury tarts, berry pudding, cold, berry pudding, hot, dried fruit canapés, broiled oranges on toast, streamed peach pudding, peach sauce, plum pudding, queen of puddings, cheese straws, and fruit salad.  Good condition.

New ideas for serving Ward's Bread with soup, c1921.
Cover has a golden background showing a table setting with a caldron of soup in the background. Includes housewife recipes for toasted triangles, chicken soup, mock cassava bread, mock almonds, paprika strips, cream soup, pulled bread served with tomato soup, petite marmite fried croutons, split pea soup, cheese sticks, potato soup, quick onion soup, chicken forcemeat balls, Hubbard bread, Italian cheese circles and peanut butter crisps.  Stamped April 27, 1923. Fair condition.

Nutritious and wholesome food for children : how to prepare it with Ward's Bread, c1921.
Promotional booklet with a blue cover that has a  little girl with dark hair on the front cover. The back cover promotes Ward's Fine cakes. The inside back cover contains a list of top varieties of Ward's bread, rolls and cakes (both box cake and pound cakes). Includes housewife recipes for sippets and milk, milk toast, egg poached in milk on toast, eggs a la goldenrod, sifted spinach in toast boxes, croutons and cream of celery soup, sticks and rings with cream of corn soup, prune sandwiches, date sandwiches, bread-crumb cookies, egg in bread sauce, sticks and bricks with syrup, mock bisque soup, mock Indian pudding, bread and butter pudding, and parsnip chowder. Good condition.

Toast for every taste made with Ward's Bread, c1921.
Promotional  booklet with a light green cover that has a picture of an early toaster, a cup of steaming coffee, a plate with a buttered piece of toast with a knife laying across the top, and a separate small plate with butter. Suggested ideas given to housewives  for toast include: chicken a la king on toast, Ward's toasted marmalade sandwiches, asparagus on toast, cheese toast, Ward's cinnamon toast, hot beef toasted sandwich, creamed scallops on Ward's peace-time bread, Chilton eggs on toast, chopped mea and pepper on toast, oysters with celery sauce on toast, Ward canapé, Florentine sandwich Seminole, tomato toast, corn toast, tomato cream toast, deviled eggs, sauce and anchovy canapé.  Note at the end of the booklet says, "one enclosed with every wrapped loaf of Ward's Bread."  Stamped with date Aug 23, 1923. Good condition.

12 ways to serve Ward's Bread with meats, c. 1921.
Small promotional booklet with a gray background, has a picture with a plate of steaming meat being served with a plate of bread.  Includes housewife recipes for scalloped meat, hamburg steaks on toast, beef balls with tomato sauce, creamed dried beef with croutons, salmi of lamb, veal cutlets, chicken fricassee on toast, stuffing for roast chicken or turkey, general directions for egging and crumbing, breaded lamb chops, croquettes, creamed chicken, Dresden patties, and veal and tongue allemande. Booklet has a tear that has been repaired with document repair tape. Fair condition.

Ward's paradise fruit cake: the fruit cake for your Christmas dinner, c1921.
Small booklet with a purple background depicting a window display of a fruit cake on a china plate in front of a window with a red candle. Good condition.

Wholesome dishes for invalids made with Ward's Bread, c.1922.
Promotional booklet with a pink cover. A nurse with a serving tray is pictured on front cover. Back cover promotes Ward's Homespun Bread.  Includes housewife recipes for: poached egg on toast, toast meringue, scrambled eggs on cream toast, homespun ice cream, egg in a nest, beef omelet with bread crumbs, oyster soup with croutons, croutons, fancy roast of oysters, scraped beef in cream on toast, creamed sweetbreads, croustades, broiled squab on toast, spinach garnished with hard-cooked egg and toast points, caramel orange toast, and fig panada.   Good condition.