Many of the books that are located in the Harold M. Freund Museum are from the original Louis Livingston Library, the first library established at the American Institute of Baking.  The books that started the original library were purchased in 1925, from Max Heinus by Julian and Milton Livingston. The collection had originally been the library at the Wahl-Heinus Institute, a brewing school that was founded in 1886 but closed due to Prohibition.  The Livingston's donated the collection to AIB in memory of their father Louis Livingston who was a well known Chicago baker. The collection was a unique collection of works on chemistry, physics, biology and biochemistry with titles on fermantation in several languagues including English and German. Generous contributions of early baking books that have added to the uniqueness of the book collection located in the museum have been obtained from the American Society of Baking and the Siebel Institute.