fishstamp.jpg (28776 bytes) Terra Cotta bread cachet.
Terra cotta : Circular stamp, 7 cm in diameter 3.5 cm tall.  Terra cotta circular bread stamp with thick edges. Handle is odd shaped with firing bubbles on back. Depicts a fish, a Greek symbol for Christ. Good condition.
terracotta.jpg (27329 bytes) Byzantine bread cachet.
Pottery : Terra-cotta orange with white dusting ; 14 cm x 6.5 cm. Accompanying note says, "Byzantine bread cachet from the area of Constantinople dating from the 6th or 7th century. It represents a Byzantine rosetta cross for eucharistic bread." One corner of cross chipped. Plexiglass base 14.5 cm square made by donor. Good condition . Donated by Harold Freund 1984.
woodenbreadstamp.jpg (59600 bytes) Large wooden Byzantine bread cachet. 
Wood : Hand-carved ; 11 cm in diameter and 6 cm tall. Circular wooden stamp with design in nine sections. Four sections with plant like design could be palms 'X' stands for Chi or Christos for Christ. Cross with spear and sponge on stick depicted in one section. 'Handle' of stamp has four section design. Excellent condition.