About the Museum

In 1982, Harold Freund, retired President of the Freund Baking Company of Glendale, California, and a former member of the AIB Board of Directors, gave AIB the world's largest collection of bakery figurines and funds to establish a museum for the collection and preservation of the history of baking in America.  His patronage and generous support greatly stimulated the growth of the American Museum of Baking, and served as an example for other industry personnel. 

There are a number of priceless items: samples of Egyptian bread and cake more than 3,800 years old; Roman bread an grain from the colonies in North America.  There is a priceless collection of books on baking, some of which are more than two hundred years old.  The original Louis Livingston Library is also part of the museum collection.

In, 1998, the museum collection was renamed the Harold M. Freund American Museum of Baking in memory of Mr. Freund who passed away in 1996.

Mission Statement:
The purpose and mission of the Harold M. Freund American Museum of Baking is to illustrate and preserve the history of the baking industry, with particular emphasis to be placed on the American baking industry.  To fulfill this mission the Harold M. Freund American Museum of Baking will collect, display, and research artifacts which are connected to, refer to, or depict bakers and the baking industry.